Dear network. Seven years ago, my facilitator at KaosPilot Creative Leadership recommended that I embark on the CTI journey. And in May I attended the Fundamentals together with an amazing group in Oslo. Now I have returned from the first of four weekends this fall, which will eventually lead to my certification as a CPCC or Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

This is an amazing way to build upon my coaching skills and to prove to myself and others that my coaching meets the highest standards of the industry.

But I need your help; I need some more clients and I need them in any form. Do you, or someone you know, want to be coached, or at least try? Please share!

For the fall I will offer a good price for the brave souls that dare, and I am open for professional as well as private matters. Though I prefer meeting you in person, video calls is also an option. I currently coach international clients so English is no problem!