Wishing all my former, current and future athletes a Happy and Exciting New Year!
This is the time for grand plans, dreams and challenges, and even though I love a good challenge, last year left me a bit broken, so my challenge this year is somewhat internal.
2016 was the year of poor, or missing athletic performance, no competitions but an exciting and inspiring growth of athletes in my coaching business. And yes, now I find it a business as my crew has turned double-digits and I’m both thrilled and humble.

The goals for 2017 are few but important, both for me as a Coach and as a Triathlete, and are still in progress and yet to be revealed.

However, being driven by commitment and external pressure, I have found my calling for the spring of 2017 and share it with you to create the necessary pressure:

I will, within 30.4.2017 @ 23:59 deliver 5000 TSS and weigh in below 80 kg for the first time in many, many years.

For those not familiar with TSS (Training Stress Score) is a metric based upon the Stress each training session delivers and says a lot more than merely “biked hard for an hour”…
5000 TSS equals 50 hours all-in, meaning at least 100 hours of exercise at my intensity during these 120 days.

So – there it is – Let the games begin!